U. S. Air Force

Thomas Lee Klinzing SGT US Air Force

U. S. Army

James Dale Adkins CPL US Army
Dallas C. Alexander Jr. SP4 US Army
Samuel R. Allen SSG US Army
Frank Louis Asher CPL US Army
Bobby Russell Baker SP4 US Army
Kenneth Ray Bertsch SP4 US Army
Gary Dean Bowling SP4 US Army
Dillard Brock SSG US Army
William Ernest Broughton SP4 US Army
Fred Edward Brown SSG US Army
David Edward Carter SFC US Army
Michael Oliver Cassidy SP4 US Army
Gordon Thomas Dalton PFC US Army
Thomas Ray Edwards SP4 US Army
Gary Lee Ervin SP4 US Army
Robert Willis Hatton PFC US Army
Donald Leonard Helton PFC US Army
Danny Hoskins CPL US Army
Raymond Junior Johnson SP4 US Army
Charles M. Kiniyalocts CPL US Army
David Michael Lacey SP5 US Army
James Edward Mays PFC US Army
Ralph William Plummer III SP4 US Army
Danny Dean Prince SP4 US Army
William Clemon Reed CPL US Army
Paul Henry Reese CPT US Army
James Lee Scott PFC US Army
Andrew Richard Smith Jr. PFC US Army
Jackie G. Stanley SGT US Army
David Henry Stoppelwerth 2LT US Army
Charles Delano Swartz PFC US Army
Edward Eugene Taylor SSG US Army
Freddie Lee Thomas SP4 US Army
John Leslie Wehr SGT US Army

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

Jesse Wayen Allen SGT US Marine Corps
James Edward Burke PFC US Marine Corps
Michael Joseph Cahalane PFC US Marine Corps
William Carpenter Jr. PFC US Marine Corps
Edward Clem CPL US Marine Corps
Lee Roy Combs PFC US Marine Corps
Paul Lewin Conrad PFC US Marine Corps
Eugene Lee Ellwood CPL US Marine Corps
Samuel James Hannah 2LT US Marine Corps
Samuel Lewis Huffman PFC US Marine Corps
Joseph Sylvester Hume Jr. LCPL US Marine Corps
Wayne Lee Isaacs LCPL US Marine Corps
Leon Parnell Lampley PFC US Marine Corps
Walter Marcum PFC US Marine Corps
Thomas Edward Miles PFC US Marine Corps
Terry Patrick Morrow CPL US Marine Corps
Leon Victor Parker LCPL US Marine Corps
Ray Daniel Pendergraft Maj US Marine Corps
William Franklin Pepper LCPL US Marine Corps
Leroy Pierson PFC US Marine Corps
David Alan Schneider PFC US Marine Corps
Michael Edward Smith PFC US Marine Corps
Steven Eugene Smith PFC US Marine Corps
Nelson Eddie Wilson PFC US Marine Corps
Thomas Leslie Wilson PFC US Marine Corps

U. S. Navy

Thomas Frederick Bruck CPO US Navy
John Raymond Hartkemeyer PO2 US Navy
Stanley Sergeant Shaw LT US Navy
Richard Charles Stephenson LT US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and/or photos of your servicemen that fought in Vietnam. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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