U. S. Air Force

Charles Ray Spath CAPT US Air Force

U. S. Army

Clyde Eugene Anderson PFC US Army
Robert Andrews PFC US Army
Jack Arthur Avery CPL US Army
John Brown PFC US Army
Robert Clarence Bucheit SGT US Army
Billy R. Burke PVT US Army
Wilson Chaney Jr. PFC US Army
Charles W. Conarroe PVT US Army
Kermit E. Cook PFC US Army
August J. Glasmeier PVT US Army
Martin Henderson PFC US Army
Otis Henry Jr. PVT US Army
Richard E. Himelhan CPL US Army
Robert B. Hounchell CPL US Army
Donald A. Kern PVT US Army
Edgar L. Line PFC US Army
Roosevelt Love PVT US Army
Robert W. Minch SFC US Army
Paul J. Moore PVT US Army
William J. Murphy PFC US Army
Francis Panno PVT US Army
Earl J. Parsons PFC US Army
Wilgus Pennington CPL US Army
William Postlewait SGT US Army
Robert L. Retherford PFC US Army
James N. Richardson CPL US Army
William Singleton PFC US Army
William Steele Jr. PVT US Army
Robert E. Tibbs CPL US Army
James W. Turner PFC US Army
James K. Tuttle PFC US Army
Charles E. Walker PVT US Army
David F. Warmoth PVT US Army
Jerry L. Weller PFC US Army
Robert E. Williams PVT US Army
Ernest F. Woolum PVT US Army

U. S. Marine Corps

Johnny Lee Allen PFC US Marine Corps
Floyd Cooper Jr. PFC US Marine Corps
Donald Edward Goebel CPL US Marine Corps
Donald Frederick Hadley CPL US Marine Corps
Jesse Tyra PFC US Marine Corps

U. S. Navy

William Bernard Woerman LT US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos of your servicemen that fought in Korea. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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